About Bill

Bill is the founder, owner and president of OC Consulting Group, a fee-based life insurance consulting, audit and management practice located in Michigan and operating nationally. He utilizes 20 years of successful experience in estate tax, business succession, charitable planning and life insurance consulting to be an effective ally to policyholders and their professional advisors.

In 2004, Bill formed OC Consulting Group (OC) to provide life insurance education, consulting, analysis and management to insurance agents, financial planners, professional advisors and their clients. He is consistently at the cutting edge of life insurance industry and market developments, tends to challenge industry orthodoxy and provides a refreshingly candid take on life insurance while benefitting clients through a pragmatic process.

Whether Bill is sought out for a simple second opinion or to provide the most thorough analysis available in the market, incorporating the most advanced tools and analytics available, his work is consistently recognized as bringing unparalleled value to policy owners and their advisors.

While Bill has earned a reputation as the “go to guy” for fixing problems, he continues to work tirelessly to get policy owners and their advisors to understand life insurance and pay attention before problems develop. Bill is invited to speak for estate planning councils, legal, accounting and trust management conferences and financial and insurance associations. He has written for or been featured or quoted in everything from local newspapers, business journals and radio to national magazines, newspapers and television including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Trusts & Estates, Fox and CNN.

Objective Information Drives Informed Decisions